Sound Editor & Mixer

What services do you provide?
I do a broad range of audio post services.  As stated on my home page, I do audio clean up, Foley, dialogue editing, SFX editing/ creating, and stereo mixing.

What is your background in film audio?

I graduated from Seattle Film School in 2007 with a strong passion for sound recording and design.  At the time SFI’s sound program was non existent and we were only taught how to do on set recording.  A year after graduation, I went off to attend Vancouver Film School in their sound design course. It was a tough year at VFS, but I graduate being the last female standing in my class.  Following my years at VFS, I’ve worked on several commercials, feature films, and documentaries.  Having a wide variety of projects has helped hone my skills as an editor and mixer.

What kind of work have you done?

I have had great opportunities to work with some very talented directors; Peter Byck, Rider & Shiloh Strong, Constantine Papanicolaou, and Marcus Nash.  Many times I have worked in a number of rolls and others a specific role as part of a team on a larger project; dialog editor, sound designer, Foley engineer etc.  For more detailed explanation on what work have I done check out my resume and demo reel pages.

Why do I need to have a sound designer or audio mixer?  Can’t I do it myself?

Sound editing and audio clean up is a beast on its own.  It has taken professionals, like me, years to perfect our skills and to assemble the necessary equipment to provide our clients with the best sound mixes for there film.  Remember the audience will forgive poor video quality, but they will immediately be turned off or walk out for bad audio.

What do you charge?

Every project is different.  Please contact me for questions and a bid free charge.